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4 Tips for Private Investigators for Successful Surveillance

1. A Detailed Intake Sheet Start by gathering as much information as you can from the client up front. This will make your job a lot easier when it comes to surveillance time. You can never have too much information when it comes to a surveillance . This will also help you figure out exactly what you will need to do on your end and what has already been done on their end. Names, addresses, times , dates can all be useful information when conducting a successful surveillance.

2. A Pre-Surveillance Check Getting an idea of where you will be conducting your surveillance ahead of time will allow you to set out the best plan to have the most successful surveillance. Going into the surveillance blind can lead you into problems that could have been avoid had you conducted a pre-surveillance check. What time the person leaves in the morning , what kind of car they have, is it an apartment complex, do you need to be buzzed in? These are all problems you can run into so it is best to avoid them.

2. Being Thorough and Complete Making sure you have all of the facts and information needed before ending the surveillance is one of the most important factors of completing a successful surveillance. Ending the surveillance too early without that key piece of evidence can be detrimental to your clients case. So grabbing lunch early, leaving the surveillance early are all factors that can hinder your successful surveillance

4. Detailed Reports Completing the surveillance is only half the battle, making sure you document everything clear and concise is another part to it. Make sure you report contains only facts and not opinion. Be sure to remember that these surveillance reports can be used in court so you want to be sure everything you document is correct and to the point.

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