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Staged Crime Scenes

What are staged crime scenes?

A staged crime scene is where evidence at the scene has been tampered with to appear as if something else happened at the scene. For instance, a murderer who kills their victim then goes back and breaks a window glass and takes their jewelry to make it seems as a burglar was the one that killed the victim. There may be two or more meanings and the case may present as either a homicide or a suicide. The facts are purposefully vague or misleading in these cases. Or, the death is suspicious or questionable based upon what the authorities have on hand. The deaths may resemble homicides or suicides; accidents or naturals. They are open to interpretation pending further information of the facts, the victimology and the circumstances of the event. 

The C.S.I Effect

With the public’s growing interest in crime shows, there has been more cases of staged crime scenes. These shows depict criminal investigations, first the location and retrieval of evidence. Secondly, the interaction of authorities with suspects. And lastly, the alibis as well as scientific explanations for events that mimic real life scenarios. In many instances, the applications of the forensic sciences as well as the events in these programs have been fictionalized and are only for entertainment. The bottom line is that many people who view these programs assume that everything they have seen on the show is real. Since perception is reality, the CSI Effect has become a major issue for law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

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