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Malware and Spyware

What is malware?

Malware and spyware are dangerous types of computer and phone viruses that criminals use to steal personal information from peoples’ computers. They will be able to look through your phone camera and listen through your microphone from anywhere in the world. In addition to that, these criminals will have access to your passwords, location, texts, emails, and photos without your knowledge. As a result, cyber criminals can steal your information and you won’t know what’s happening until it is too late.

How do I know if my device has a virus?

If you have a feeling that your phone is infected with spyware some of the signs you should keep an eye out for are: unexplained inference, receiving strange messages, phone battery dying quickly, and other people gaining knowledge of your whereabouts and personal schedule. As for knowing if your computer is the new victim of a cyber criminal, keep an eye for unusual activity. For example, movement of files, deleted documents, computer applications inexplicably closing, system is running slow, and repeated popups. Also, if your computer crashes a lot and you experience more technical difficulties than usual, that could mean that your information is at risk.

How do my devices get viruses?

Criminals can attach any virus or bug onto something that can be found online. Some examples are phishing emails, and sketchy programs. They can even download a virus to your device by physically accessing your personal device. Firstly, being careful of what you download online is the best way to keep your information safe. Secondly, keep away from any unusual emails and popup ads that you might receive.

What do I do if I believe I am being spied on digitally?

In conclusion, if you believe that you are being spied on, give us a call at 210-888-9175. You can also book directly with us through our “Book an Appointment” tab. You can also visit our “Contact” tab for additional contact information. Our team of highly experienced forensic investigators can help. We can help retrieve any information that might have been deleted from your personal devices.

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