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Digital Forensics

What exactly is digital forensics and why is it important?

“Digital DNA” is the data we pull from digital devices. It can identify, detect, and eradicate insider threats (malware and spyware) for a company. Additionally, it can also identify information to solve a criminal case. Even uncover fraud and hacking on your endpoints, servers, and network. As a result of cellular forensics, we are able to extract, preserve and analyze the data from a mobile device. This is a specialized technique that requires advanced tools and equipment. An experienced staff and meticulous preservation that makes it admissible in court of law.

Why choose CPSI as your Digital Forensics provider?

  1. Same day service and never lose possession of your device. Other providers probably make you send in your device, or leave it with the technician(s) for a week or even longer. We provide SAME DAY SERVICE (with an appointment), therefore we can deliver a full analysis report within 72 hours.
  2. Our technicians are experienced digital forensics technicians certified in the latest, most robust digital forensic software packages available. This includes Cellebrite©, Axiom©, & Oxygen© to name a few.


As pedigreed experts in digital investigations, our experts will extract and analyze digital data in a forensically sound manner. Due to our methods of collection, all evidence is admissible in criminal and civil cases. Our forensic examiners have worked on hundreds of cases throughout the country. From divorce to corporate embezzlement, Cinco Peso Security & Investigations provides a comprehensive investigative solution. We eliminate the need to hire multiple providers.

We have licensed digital forensics experts with decades of experience in their field. Additionally, we utilize cutting-edge technologies for our cases. Finally, our expert investigators have backgrounds in criminal, corporate, and business investigations.

CPSI Computer Forensic Investigators analyze massive amounts of information through cutting-edge digital forensics tools to uncover evidence. Whether the source is a laptop, desktop, mobile device, or cloud storage, collection of evidence must use forensically sound methods. Fact-finding in digital data takes expertise, experience, and advanced technology. Additionally, information is most often in the form of electronically stored information, or ESI. Estimates are that over 80% to 93% of all business information exists in electronic form. This includes emails, documents, web content, and other data base specific formats. We estimate that well over 70% of content, never existed in any other form other than digital. What was once a paper trail is now a purely digital trail of bits and bytes. This information is lost in emails, deleted documents, smart phones, and cloud storage.

Licensed Digital Forensics Experts

Digital evidence for civil or criminal cases must come to formation in a forensically sound manner to be admissible in court. Therefore, the investigator collecting the evidence must be a licensed private investigator and have recognized certifications as a computer forensics examiner. This certification typically means that investigators have undergone an extensive background check. All of our investigators have a license or registration issued by a government agency, such as the Texas Department of Public Safety – Private Security Bureau. Having an investigator without a license, or non-pedigreed IT personnel attempt to collect data is always a bad idea. Attempted extraction of this information by an unlicensed individual, places the data at risk for contamination. Thus being unable to use as evidence in a civil or criminal case.

Cinco Peso Security & Investigations has a License & Insurance

Finally, we have provided expert testimony and reports in multiple courts. CPSI computer forensics investigators have served as expert witnesses in many state and federal court cases. Whether the case is civil or criminal, our experts have provided key evidence in family law, fraud, embezzlement, intellectual property theft, and complex corporate litigation.

Critical data, which provides evidence of past or current suspicious activity, is now in a digital form. As a result, this can include text messages, emails, and other forms of digital communication and social media posts. CPSI Forensic Technicians use innovative computer forensics technology to effectively extract and analyze this information. In the project scope of work, we include recovery of deleted information and discovery of hidden information. Additionally, we review of large amounts of email data. Finally, we do an overview of metadata which includes download histories, unauthorized access, or attempted manipulation of data.

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Your case matters. No matter how big or small, we can help. Additionally, new information can help bring justice and closure. If there is a digital forensic case you want investigated, or you have any questions about our investigator services, contact us today. The telephone number to reach us at is 210-888-9175. You can book an appointment through our “Book an Appointment” page. Also, click on our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) tab for answers to questions about our other services. Let Cinco Peso Security & Investigations help you.

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