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Cold Cases

Cold Case Investigator Services

Our private investigator and forensics team provide cold case investigator services to help bring justice and closure to you, and those around you. Due to our expertise, our team of private investigators can apply new technologies to evidence to uncover new leads. Additionally, we provide our cold case investigator service to Texas and surrounding areas. Check out our “Coverage Areas” tab to see what areas we cover.

What is a Cold Case?

You might ask yourself if your case is a cold case or not. Cold cases are accidents, or crimes that are left without an answer. Furthermore, cold cases involve: missing or disappearing person cases, and unsolved murders. Many of these cases do not have a suspect nor are they currently under investigation. Cases go cold when there is no new information or suspects. They can reopen with new information, new testimonies from witnesses or with suspicious behavior of the possible suspect. Cold cases can go a long time without any progress. Usually leaving those around the victim without any justice. Cold cases can be hard to reopen without any new information. New technologies that become available can help solve these cases or lead to new suspects or evidence. Also, as technology advances, solving some cold cases can become easier.

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Your case matters. No matter how big or small, we can help. For that reason, any new information can help bring justice and closure. If there is a cold case you want investigated, or you have any questions about our cold case investigator services, contact us today. The telephone number to reach us at is 210-888-9175. You can book an appointment through our “Book an Appointment” page. Also, click on our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) tab for answers to questions about our other services. Let Cinco Peso Security & Investigations help you.

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