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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much do your services cost?
A: It all depends on the type of case or project. All cases will require a minimum retainer determined by the type and length of project. For extended cases and projects, our team will develop a specific quote or “not to exceed”. The best way for us to answer this question is for you to call us and explain exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish. All cases and projects require a minimum retainer before work starts.

Q: Do you have a physical office I can visit to discuss my case or project with you?
A: Yes, we have a physical office. However, given the nature of our business, the contents of our files and our need to provide a secure facility, we only meet prospective clients at their place of business, home, or a public setting. This is for the protection of our staff and our clients sensitive data. If you desire to meet with us in person, please contact us and schedule an appointment.

Q: Where do you provide your services? Are you only local or do you operate throughout the United States?
A: In short, we can perform our services anywhere. We operate all over Texas, the entire United States, and even overseas.

Cinco Peso is licensed to operate within the State of Texas and our owner is licensed in Florida. However, if a case originates from another state, in most cases, we are legally allowed to work the case in another jurisdiction where reciprocity exists.

For those rare instances where reciprocity does not exist or where travel to another jurisdiction is cost prohibitive, we have an extensive network of sub-contract investigators and security personnel at our disposal.

Q: Can you provide references for or testaments of your work?
A: 100% of our clients appreciate their anonymity and the great lengths we go to in order to protect their identity and personal information. There are a few who, upon request, will allow us to share their information a limited basis. The same level of privacy and security we offer our current and past clients is the same level of privacy and security we will afford you, should we decide to accept you as a client.

Q: How long will my case or project take and when can you schedule me?
A: Every case is different; therefore, we have no way of predicting how long a case will take. Some Cases are complete within hours of submission and others take weeks or months.
Our agents communicate with the client daily, or more often as requested or needed, to keep them informed of the latest developments.

The best way for you as a client to manage your budget is to discuss your goals with one of our agents, then establish a “do not exceed” limit on resources expended, which should equal your retainer. In this way, you are in control of your resources and can make a decision to stop or continue the work based on results received to date.

As soon as we have your retainer and an executed services agreement, we will schedule your project or case as soon as possible.


Q: What exactly is “Digital Forensics” and why is it importantQ: What exactly is “Digital Forensics” and why is it important?

A: Digital Forensics can be described as the study and analysis of “Digital DNA”.  “Digital DNA” is the data extracted from digital devices. It can identify, detect, and eradicate insider threats (malware and spyware) for a company, identify information to solve a criminal case, and even uncover fraud and hacking on your endpoints, servers, and network.

With Cellular Forensics, we extract, preserve and analyze the data from a smart mobile device. This is a specialized technique that requires advanced tools and equipment, an experienced staff and meticulous preservation that makes it admissible in court of law.

Q: Are your Digital Forensic Technicians and Engineers licensed and accredited? 

A: Absolutely.  Courts require the digital evidence obtained for civil or criminal cases be obtained in a forensically sound manner. The investigator collecting the evidence must be a licensed private investigator and have recognized certifications as a computer forensics examiner. This certification typically means that investigators have undergone an extensive background check and that they are licensed or registered by a government agency such as the Texas Department of Public Safety – Private Security Bureau. Having non-licensed / non-pedigreed IT personnel attempt to collect data is always a bad idea. The proper acquisition and imaging of digital data is a specialized skill requiring extensive training and knowledge in computer forensics tools and technology. Attempted extraction of this information by an unlicensed individual places the data at risk for contamination and thus being excluded as evidence in a civil or criminal case.

Cinco Peso Security & Investigations is fully licensed and insured and has provided expert testimony and reports in multiple courts. CPSI computer forensics investigators have served as expert witnesses in many state and federal court cases. Whether the case is civil or criminal, CPSI Experts have provided key evidence in family law, fraud, embezzlement, intellectual property theft, cyber stalking, and complex corporate litigation.


Q: What types of data can you recover?


Dialed Calls
Received Calls
Missed Calls
Speed Dials
Photos – Taken
Photos – Deleted
Photos – Modified (adding captions, emojis, cropping, etc.)
Photos – Downloaded
Photos – Received Via Text
Photos – Received Via Email
Photos – Received Via App
Photos – Screen Shot Saved
Videos – Taken
Videos – Deleted
Videos – Modified
Videos – Downloaded
Videos – Received Via Text
Videos – Received Via Email
Text Messages
Installed Applications
Audio Recordings
Emails – Received
Emails – Sent
GEO Tags
Deleted Passwords
Instant Messaging
User Accounts
Web Bookmarks
Apps Downloaded
Cloud Back Up

Q: Who typically uses Cinco Peso’s Digital Forensic Services?

A: Cinco Peso’s Digital Forensic Services are available to prosecutors, defense attorneys, civil litigants, law enforcement and the general public. We provide our unique services to everyone who needs access to the truth. This is not limited to the courtroom or the boardroom. It expands beyond the bedroom and the workplace. Fraud and lies are rampant in our world today. The allegations against public and private figures dominate our news feeds and televisions. The data will reveal the truth of the injured worker, the disgraced coach, the falsely accused teacher and the victim that no one believes. No one can hide from digital evidence. The facts cannot be hidden from our dedicated and talented team.

Q: Who can Cinco Peso Digital Forensics help?

A: Plaintiffs or Defendants – Civil or Criminal: No case is ever won without solid facts. At Cinco Peso we can provide you the facts you need to prove your case by detailing social media, cellular devices, vehicle information systems, and myriad of other gadgets. Do not go to battle unarmed. Cinco Peso can be your silver bullet.

Q: What is your pricing for Digital Forensic Services?

A: Pricing is based on your time constraints. We offer the same comprehensive, in-depth solutions no matter your budget or schedule. No need to pay for overnight service if you don’t need the results for two months! We provide the same great service, same in depth analysis – nothing else changes, except for how quickly that you get the results – at a lower price and still guaranteed delivery date. It will be there on time and on budget.

Let us know if the subject of your project is a missing or exploited child.  As a Charter Member of the National Association of Missing and Exploited Children (NAMEC) ( ) and as a certified member of the Special Response Team we provide our services free of charge when the subject is a minor child suspected of being the victim of human trafficking.

Q: Can your experts testify on my behalf in Court?

A: Absolutely. We are fully prepared, have experience testifying, and will be happy to do so.

Q: Can you help me gain access to an encrypted file?

A: Yes, send us a note us via the “Contact Us” form to your right or call us at 210-888-9175 and we will respond as soon as possible to assist in this matter.

Q: I’m being harassed over social media by an unknown individual, can you help me identify them and take them to court?

A: Absolutely.  We love catching bad guys doing bad things!  Send us a note us via the “Contact Us” form to your right or call us at 210-888-9175 and we will respond as soon as possible to assist in this matter. We will work hand in hand with your attorney to ensure we investigate, document, and support your efforts to seek justice in the civil or criminal courts.

Q: Can you recover my deleted e-mails?

A: Yes, even if a user has deleted an email our forensic professionals can recover it.

Q: How can Digital Forensics help with my case?

A: Digital forensics can create a digital history to retrace its owners, every case is different and we would be happy to discuss in depth, just how powerful and game changing this data can be for your current case/situation.

Q: What types of devices typically can potentially hold data?

A: Most any device can hold data, even if that data has been deleted. These devices include, but are not limited to cell phones,tablets (i.e. Ipad, Surface, Etc.) flash drives, cameras, gaming systems, routers, vehicle black boxes, GPS’s, almost any digital device can contain data critical to your case. If you have further questions or need a more comprehensive list, do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: I have a friend in IT, is it ok or safe for them to try and extract digital data on their own?

A: This is a very bad and costly idea. Untrained and inexperienced attempts to extract the data could make the data much harder to extract and potentially destroy valuable information or at the very least, causing it to be considered inadmissible in court. It is essential that you have a neutral 3rd party and experience forensic professional, extract this information for you. At Cinco Peso, we treat every case as if we would be expected to testify before the Supreme Court.

Q: Can Social Media Analysis help with creating a rough sketch of my target’s true personality?  Will it be admissible in court?

A: Social media provides a window into one’s opinions, beliefs, contacts, business associates and much more. We can provide in depth real time monitoring and court admissible preservation for your case.

Q: What is “Metadata”?

A: Metadata is data about data. It contains information such as the date of origination, how many times it has been altered, the time and date that it was created or altered, etc. and even what type of device it originated from. Please contact us, if you have further questions.

Q: Do you follow the federal rules of evidence when extracting data?

A: Absolutely and our experts treat every case as if we will be expected to testify before the Supreme Court. We will make sure that the evidence is preserved and legally admissible.

Q: I do not have much time and need this service performed immediately of overnight?  Can you accommodate my request?

A: Absolutely.  While our services are in high demand and we try to stick to our regional schedules, we will always make an exception to go the extra mile for our clients.  Am emergency fee will apply.

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