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Who Can Hire a Private Investigator in San Marcos, Tx?

Often times when people think of private investigators in San Marcos, Tx, they think of a detective hiding out, similar to something they would see in a TV show or movie. Private investigators are trained to analyze evidence and identify important details that others can’t. PI’s very discreetly collect and review evidence to help them locate assets or people. In reality very common careers utilize private investigators. Some of these people could be lawyers, business owners, insurance companies, or even private individuals. 


A private investigator can be crucial to lawyers when collecting evidence or when they need to conduct surveillance on a suspect. Any evidence found by a PI is crucial to a case and will hold up in court.

Business Owners

Business owners can also use private investigators in San Marcos, Tx in a different way, such as finding evidence to support a legal claim a business may be going through. PI’s can conduct in depth background checks on potential employees or possible business partners. 

Insurance Companies

Private investigators in San Marcos, Tx can be extremely beneficial to insurance companies when disputing a complicated claim. It is common for a customer to claim an injury was more severe than it actually was to get more money. It would be difficult for an insurance company to really know if they were telling the truth or not otherwise. This can also be the case with car accidents and customers intentionally faking an accident or blaming the wrong person. 

Personal Use

A very common use for PI’s is for personal use, when needing to locate a missing loved one. They can also be useful for running an in depth background check. For example, on a potential romantic partner or a nanny to your kids. Private investigators in San Marcos, Tx could even collect evidence on whether or not a spouse is cheating. 

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