Nicholas – ACE, MCFE – Cinco Peso Security & Investigations
Nicholas – ACE, MCFE

Digital Forensics Technician

Nicholas is a certified digital forensic investigator and a professional investigator. Since 2016 he has investigated over 230 cases ranging from infidelity to missing persons, felony level embezzlement, and solicitation of minors. His computer forensic investigations work includes three criminal cases ending in arrest, including felony charges. Mr. Dearman brings a tenacity to his investigations and innovative approaches to solving particularly difficult forensic image acquisitions and investigations. His most recent case involves successfully tackling data recovery for a client victimized by ransomware. Nicholas is a published author and talented speaker at industry events. He has also assisted in teaching CLE/CPE to the Houston Financial Crimes Division as well as LEOs and Secret Service at the Federal Reserve Building in Houston. Nicholas holds the following certifications and licenses:

AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE)
Magnet Certified Forensic Examiner (MCFE)
Private Investigator

The Digital Forensics division combines technical skills and forensic methodologies to recover digital information from computers, mobile phones, storage devices and other forms of electronic information. The investigators follow strict procedures in handling digital evidence and work to recover data to restore client access to their devices or to obtain forensically sound digital evidence in the assistance of private and law enforcement investigations. Digital Forensics handles incident response for damaging digital events such as hacking, malware infections, data loss and equipment damage with the objective of recovering and restoring systems and data files.   Forensic analysis requires meticulous evidence handling, including strict adherence to chain of custody, policies and procedures used to recover data, and technical reporting on findings. The investigator may also be called upon to testify to evidence in court.

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