Aaron – CCO, CCNP – Cinco Peso Security & Investigations
Aaron – CCO, CCNP

Digital Forensics Engineer

With over a decade of IT experience ranging from hosting, colocation, and datacenter design to ISP infrastructure, Aaron brings un-paralleled technical experience to the Black Swan team. Aaron utilizes his specializations in Data Security and IT Compliance to ensure that Black Swan can perform at peak levels. Aaron also has extensive training in lean process design, which has enabled him to design analytical processes that deliver, fast, consistent and most importantly forensically sound reports and analysis for all of offerings that Black Swan delivers to its clients.

Digital Forensics Certifications

• CCO – Cellebrite Certified Operator
• CCNP – Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst

Professional Memberships

• ADSAI – Associated Detectives & Security Agencies of Illinois
• CDITC – Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council
• NACDL – National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
• NALI – National Association of Legal Investigators
• NLADA – National Legal Aid & Defender Association
• USAPI – United States Association of Professional Investigators

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