Cinco Peso Security & Investigations (CPSI) is a professional organization that offers a full suite of investigative, security, and legal services. Our team of San Antonio Private Investigators has decades of combined experience, domestically and internationally and is dedicated to providing our clients with the most prompt, cost effective, and discrete services.

San Antonio Private Investigators logo graphicCPSI is owned, managed, and staffed by a mix of current and former members of local, regional, and federal law enforcement, military police & intelligence, and other licensed professionals. Our Team Member’ Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities (KSA’s) are derived from decades of practical, hands-on experience, domestically and internationally, within the government, public, and private sectors.

The folks at CPSI are committed to providing the best services at a fair price-point. We pride ourselves in remaining vigilant in our performance of customer service and we are extremely sensitive to our clients right to and need for privacy.

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